Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Reasons for PANCard Rejections

It is very easy to apply for a new PAN card. You can now fill the form as well as submit the documents online. However, it is very heartbreaking to see your application get rejected. Let us have a look at the reasons for PAN card rejections that will help you avoid similar mistakes in your form.

Reasons for PAN Card Application to Get Rejected

Any discrepancy in the form or documents submitted with the PAN application will lead to PAN card application rejection. 

Some of the common reasons for PAN card rejections include:

  • Incomplete or wrongly filled application form 
  • Corrections or over written in the application form
  • Signature done outside of the box 
  • In complete postal address or wrong pin code.
  • Pin or staple the photograph. (You need to paste the photograph)
  • Discrepancy in the PAN application form in fields such as name, age, gender, date of birth, etc. Any mistakes in the spelling of the name, DOB, gender, etc. can lead to rejection.
  • Providing unclear supporting documents, wrong documents, or the information in the supporting documents may not match the information filled in PAN card.
  • Use of initials in place of name or names that do not match with the supporting documents. For example, you may have a different name or surname on your school certificate and provide a different name on your form may lead to rejection of PAN application.
  • Do not use short form for company names. Write the complete name of your company and firm. Do not write ‘Pvt’, ‘Ltd’ etc. You should write the complete spelling such as Private or Limited.
  • Mention the ISD or STD codes when you provide phone numbers.
  • Provide correct supporting documents as mentioned on the website of NSDL or UTIITSL.
  • Make sure the photograph provided is clear and latest. It should not be unclear or of the wrong dimensions to avoid rejection.

These are some of the reasons for PAN card rejections. Make sure you duly fill the form and submit it with correct supporting documents and photograph to avoid rejections. In case your application is rejected, you can use your acknowledgement number and check on the official website for the reason of rejection. You can also call or email the NSDL or UTIITSL customer care to ask for the reason for PAN Card rejection.



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