Thursday, November 15, 2018

How to Cancel/ Surrender PAN Card Offline?

Multiple PAN cards of a single holder is punishable by law. The multiple PAN Card holder may be asked to pay a hefty fine or may even be jailed. Thus, it is important to cancel or surrender the extra PAN card(s) as soon as possible. Also, it is now mandatory to link Aadhaar card with PAN card, thus, individuals with multiple PAN cards can be caught easily.

Let us have a look at the simple procedure of how to cancel/ surrender PAN card.

Cancel/Surrender PAN Card Offline

If you have been allotted more than one PAN card then you need fill the PAN Change Request form available at the nearest NSDL collection center. In the form you need to mention the PAN card number you are currently using at the top. All the other extra PAN cards allotted in your name inadvertently need to be mentioned at item no.11 of the form. You need to submit the corresponding PAN card copy(s) along with the cancellation form.

To cancel/ surrenderthe PAN card you are currently using then you need to visit the local Income Tax Assessing Officer with a request letter to cancel/ surrender your PAN card along with the cancellation form duly filled. You need to mention the additional PAN card number allotted along with the specific details of the PAN card you wish to keep. It is very important to have an acknowledgement copy of the letter. This acknowledgement letter will serve as a proof that the extra PAN card has been cancelled.



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